We have found that the most effective training initiatives do not begin and end at the training class room. Just as each customer interaction is a moment of truth in that customer’s cycle of service, each training session is a link in a continuous chain of customer service improvement.

To ensure our programs adds luster and strength to that chain, our development and delivery teams built extraordinary value into every training and consulting initiative. Staffindo’s support for the success of your training begins with implementation planning support especially for in-company programs.

Base on an extensive training needs survey and analysis, Staffindo will define your human resource development needs with the end in view of formulating soft competencies training programs. We ensure your people have soft competencies skills to carry out your vision. We also encourage each participant to self developing competencies according your requirement.


Malcom Knowles, known to many as the father of modern adult education, says: “the most important thing in helping adults learn is to create a mutual climate of trust, openness and sharing – a human environment”. He suggests that adult learners want learning to be enjoyable, immediately applicable and delivered by a competent trainer.
Research tells us the optimal span for adults is about 20 minutes, we change the pace every to 20 minutes. Give game or anecdotes, and energizer exercises average 4 to 6 minutes. We agree, we also believe training must be a profitable investment for the organization using it. Effective training leads to improvements in attitudes and skills, and outcomes that are aligned with the organizations on going quest for improved processes, customer loyalty and profitability.


The Kirkpatrick model, shown the ways of measuring depend on degree of difficulties and outcome of training we agree, that way we will develop tools for measure it. For example to bring participants awareness of their know-how level of competencies and reaction, we have developed mastery competency test and also participant attitude questionnaire in every programs.


Our trainer and consulting team consist of comprehensively experienced professional who have full commitment to dedicate their hands-on expertise on the services we provide to help companies develop their people, improve processes, ensure greater customer satisfaction, sustainable business growth and achieve quality of profit. Many they are active business executive, reputable of business owner, HR Specialist, Industrial Psychologist, etc. The team is also affiliated with number of outstanding professional, of international training organizations.

Staffindo’s highly qualified, professional trainers have a wide range of industry– specific experience. They understand the work environments and individual needs of customers, and they are experts of making the skills and concepts come alive. Our trainers are selected for their strong credentials, their previous experience and most important their ability to model our programs concepts, establish rapport with participants and create a positive learning atmosphere. When they join Staffindo they undergo extensive training of our programs.