“Effective leadership is full-time people development”. Managers, Supervisors and others who are placed in leadership roles and responsible for the work of other staff. It is intended for managers and supervisors who want to improve their own effectiveness, and the effectiveness of their operations through providing appropriate and development for their staff.

1. Staff Development - The Role in Improving Performance
2. How to Introduce New Staff to Your Department
3. How to Provide Mentoring and On-the-job Training
4. How to prepare for a Group Training Session
5. How to conduct a Group Training Session
6. How to Improve Performance Through Off-the-job Training
7. How to conduct effective team meetings
8. How to delegate Work and Resposibilities
9. How to Coach Your People
10. How to Conduct Effective Performance Reviews
11. How to Develop and Use Training or Presentation Aids

Manager & Supervisor who need this soft skill to develop their staff

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

Two Days