Critical to the success of our personal, business and career development is how we motivate ourselves into taking action at the right time and the right place. The Personal Success Workshop will help you to assess where you are now, determine where you are going and plan how to get there. Whether it is to develop your business goals, your personal vision or career path.

1. Taking Charge of Your Life and The Importance of Setting goals :
  •  What is your vision ?
  •  Where are you going ?
2. Positive Self Management & Addressing Your Resistance to Change :
  •  When the going gets tough ?
  •  Developing & Keeping a Positive Attitude
  •  Strategies for Handling Change
3. How to Address Issues Straight on :
  •  Intelligent Listening & Assertive Talking
  •  How to Speak Up & Set Limits
4. Command Attention & Moving Forward Step-by-Step :
  •  Body Language Can Help
  •  Communication Skills for Success
5. Strengths and Weakness :
  •  Identifying & Developing Them
  •  Prioritizing Your Action Steps

Any kind of position who need energizing their personal goals

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

One Day