In Professional Presentation Skill, you and your people learn to showcase ideas, sell concepts, provide critical information and win up peer management or customer commitment. In short, how to give a presentation that convinces your audience you have something too good to pass up.

The strategy behind Professional Presentation is the audience-centered presentation, in which the primary objective is to make sure that your message addresses your audience’s needs and concerns. Whether you make an internal presentation to top management or present your products or services to clients, the rules are the same.

You learn to focus on the special needs and interests of the audience. As a result, you increase the likelihood that your presentation will be heard and accepted. It’s a strategy that works time after time, presentation after presentation.

Benefits to You and Your Organization :
  • Gains audience commitment by addressing audience needs
  • Wins management or customer acceptance by anticipating questions and objections
  • Turns an indifferent listener into an enthusiastic supporter or customer
  • Encourages you and your staff to make productive use of time by presenting information concisely
  • Helps people lose the fear of presenting
  • Helps people prepare for presentations with a proven process for gathering and organizing information
  • Ensures that the audience will listen, remember and respond favorably because your presentation is audience oriented

1. Analyzing Audience Needs
Participants learn to :
  • Analyzing what the audience needs to know and target their presentations accordingly
  • Anticipating and answering their audience’s unspoken questions, such as : Why is this important? Why select your company over the competition? How do I sell this to senior management?
  • Gain audience approval by anticipating objections and having the answer in advance

2. Organizing Effectively
The program explains how to :
  • Structure a presentation – step by logical step – so it is easy to give, easy to understand
  • Developing an opening statement that gains audience interest
  • Ending with a closing statement that recaps the presentation’s key points
  • Clearly demonstrate the presentation’s direction and objectives to the audience

3. Delivering Presentations
You will practice ways to :
  • Enhance a presentation with rhetorical devices to capture audience interest
  • Add visual aids to graphically illustrate concepts that may be too complex to grasp by listening alone
  • Deliver presentations confidently and project a positive image
  • Allow your personal style to emerge naturally from your knowledge of the subject and your degree of preparation
  • Feel – and be – in control of the presentation

Supervisors, Managers, and Professionals

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

Two Days