Give participants with an understanding of a performance management process which supports the setting and achievement of individual objectives, a continuous process of communication and coaching between manager and employee, and employee’s active involvement and commitment to fulfilling the organization’s expectations of them. 

Help participants to understand the latest developments in performance management, which has transformed the process from “appraisal form” based into a critically important managerial tool that drives the achievement of business objectives.


This workshop is designed for those organizations looking for a new approach to managing performance of their employees. Many traditional appraisal programs have focused exclusively on setting objectives and monitoring individual performance againts them. They have failed to take into account that it is not only important to consider what the individual delivers, but how the individual delivers.

Furthermore for some jobs it is difficult to set meaningful and measurable objectives. Here we workout how competencies can be set as a major tool for making performance management proceses more relevant and powerful.

1. Performance Management Process
2. Motivating Work Climate (four circle model, organizational climate, managerial style)
3. Competency
4. Performance Planning
5. Goal Setting and Action Plan
6. Performance Coaching
7. Performance Discussion
8. Performance Review
9. Performance Feedback
10. Pay of Performance


Managers who are directly responsible for the performance of his/her employees ; Internal Consultants and Specialist in human resources, productivity or quality management, who are entrusted with the responsibility to improve overall employee performance

The implementation models

Two Days