Business provides worthwhile goods and services through people working together. Plans and work designs help them to understand how their work fits together but such plans only work well if the people involved in them have the competencies that go with performing such jobs well.

Identifying people with those competencies and putting them in place is an important first step, but it often works just as well to train people to develop the competencies they need for the work they are doing. People with the right competencies in the right jobs means competitive advantage, producing better profitability which serves the ultimate goals of a  good business – to maximise the satisfaction of the owners, producers and customers.

Competencies are also about indicators of performance in the work place, not in the examination room. Decades of research have proven that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour, so competencies are usually assessed through interviews which probe how the interviewee actually behaved in certain past work-related events. This workshop also covers the various applications to which competencies can be applied.

1. Building Competitive Advantage Through People
  •  Change is constant-and fast
  •  Blueprints and the real nature of work
  •  What this means for the human resources agenda
  •  The link between business results and People
2. People Competencies
  •  What is a Competency
  •  The Benefits of a Competency –based approach
  •  Stages of competency definition
  •  Creating the value
  •  Generic Competencies : common ground
  •  Building the comitment
  •  Driving for success
3. Managing for Motivation and Performance Improvement
  •  Motivation and job requirements
  •  Managerial styles and practices
4. Relating Pay to Competencies
  •  Why relating pay to competencies
  •  Terminology
  •  Achieving the Balance
  •  Work cultures
  •  Relating pay to competencies – practical issues
5. How to use competencies in Assesment
  •  Link to business success
Line Managers, Human Resources Professional

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

One Day