Line Managers are increasingly having to take on responsibilty for such personnel matters as
recruitment, discipline, pay and training.

This workshop is a resource for line managers seeking to fill in any gaps in their knowledge, and will enable them to deal more confidently and efficiently with any day-to-day personnel question that arise, covers people management skills, resourcing, and performance management.

1. Managing People-the framework
  • The line manager responsibility for people : what managers do, What manager have to do about people
  • The role of the personnel function : the basic role; influence on the working environment; Upholding core values; Areas of responsibility; the various role of personnel practisioner
  • Personnel and the line : Devolution to line manager and why it is taking place; the influence of HRM; Areas for devolution; Problems of devolution

2. Managing People-the Basic skills
  • Motivating : The process of motivation; Approaches to motivation; Achieving high  levels of motivation
  • Commitment and morale : Gaining commitment; Increasing morale
  • Leadership : The role of the leader; Leadership style; The impact of the situation; leadership qualities; What organization require of the leaders; Behaviors People value in leaders; Leadership checklist
  • Team Building : teamworking in practice; Approaches to team building; checklist for analysing team performance
  • Delegating ; Who to delegate; Advantages of delegation; What to delegate; how much to delegate; Giving out the work; Coaching; monitoring performance
  • Communicating : Barriers to communication; Overcoming the barriers; Listening skills
  • Organizing : The traditional approach to organizing; the new approaches to organizing; implication for line manager; The approaches to reorganization; Organizing checklist

3. Developing People
  • The line manager’s responsibility for developing people
  • Identifying Learning needs
  • Managing Learning and development
Line managers for improve they skills to achieve best performers team

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction


Two Days