The principles of leadership aren’t hard to understand or to apply. Anyone can be a leader. Yet the gap between leadership and ordinary management is a large as it’s ever been. That’s puzzling. Who is the best motivator? Who gets the greatest effort and most insightful thinking from people? Who always meets stiff challenges and goals? Who summons from people old-fashioned workplace virtues like loyalty, commitment, and on-the-job exuberance? Who gets promoted?

You’ll learn about the importance of values, mission, setting goals, good communication, symbolic action, and how to create a stable of fellow leaders around you.

1. Leadership Essentials

  •  Be a Leader
  •  Start with Value
  •  Follow Up with a Mission
2. Mission into Action
  •  Set Strategies, Goals and Standards
  •  You’re a Role Model
  •  Communication Skill
3. Every Employee is a Leader
  •  Managerial Practices
  •  Organizational Structure
  •  Lead-But Manage Well
  •  Lead Change Gracefully
Any kind of position that they want to improve their soft skill in this area

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

One Day