Job evaluation and remuneration are two core aspects of the vast area of personnel management. Job evaluation is defined here as the process of examining, describing and evaluating the content of the function and ranking of related functions. Remuneration is the process which takes place after functions have been ranked and through which a salary structure will be established. By far the greatest part of the remuneration people receive is based on job-specific pay with the weight of the job as one of the deciding factors. A systematic framework is required to manage differences in pay in such a way that they support the objectives of the organisations and result in a fair remuneration for the individuals. A host of such systems is currently available, but their workings, possibilities and limitations are unclear to many. An interesting trend is that “employability”, “potential” and “competencies” play an increasingly important role as a basis for remuneration.

1. The Function of Job Evaluation and Remuneration in Personnel Management
  •  General Principles of a Pay Policy
  •  Conditions of a Pay Policy
2. Job Evaluation
  • Evaluating Jobs : Introduction, Objectives, Procedures, Communication, Business Characteristics, the Job Description, Analysing Job, Evaluating a Job (Constructing & Use of Evaluation Tables, Evaluating Job with the Hay Methode, Evaluation Procedure, Computerised Job Evaluation Systems, The Job Level Matrix, Ranking of Jobs, Checklist for Job Evaluation
  • Job Evaluation Systems : Introduction, Hay Guide Charts, Hay Management Consultants, Evaluation Framework-Towers Perrin, European Factor Plan-Watson Wyatt
3. Remuneration
  • Salary Structures : Introduction, The Set-Up of a Salary Structure, Apllication of the Salary Structure, Parameter of the Salary Structure, more than one Job Evaluation Methode, Implementing a Pay Policy, Performance-Related Pay, Preconditions for a New Salary Sructure, Relative Salary Position (the Comparatio), Performance-Related Pay Integrated into the Salary Structure, Career Remuneration Model, Checklist Remuneration
  • Salary Surveys : Introduction, Condition and Requirements, Salary Survey (Hay Management Consultants, Towers Perrin, Watson Wyatt)
Line Managers and Professionals, and Personnel Professionals in particular, need a more
broad and profound insight into the complex area of remuneration


The implementation models

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