Human resource management (HRM) came to the fore as a distinctive approach to manage people as late the mid – 1980s. Since then it has assumed enormous significance in the world of organizational and people management. This workshop provides a clear and practical guide to the strategic and day-to-day applications of HRM systems.

1. Human Resource Management : An Overview
  •  Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Manager
  •  Human Resource Management Functions
  •  The Evolution of Human Resource Management
  •  Human Resource Executives, Generalists, and Specialists
  •  HRM in Action
  •  The Human Resource Function in Organizations of Various Sizes
  •  Professionalization of Human Resource Management
  •  Environmental Factors Affecting Human Resource Management
2. Job Analysis
  •  A Basic Human Resource Tool
  •  Reasons for Conducting Job Analysis
  •  Types of Job Analysis Information
  •  Job Analysis Methods
3. Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection
  •  The Human Resource Planning Process
  •  Terminology of Forecasting
  •  Human Resource Forecasting Techniques
4. Recruitment and Selection
  •  The Recruitment Process
  •  Alternatives to Recruitment
  •  External Environment of Recruitment
  •  Internal Environment of Recruitment
  •  Methods Used in Internal Recruitment
  •  External Sources of Recruitment
  •  External Methods of Recruitment
  •  The Selection Process
  •  Environmental Factors Affecting the Selection Process
  •  Types of Psychological Tests
  •  The Employment Interview
  •  Methods of Interviewing
5. Human Resource Development
  •  Organization Change
  •  Human Resource Development : Definition and Scope
  •  Factors Influencing Human Resource Development
  •  Determining Human Resource Development Needs
  •  Establishing Human Resource Development Objectives
6. Career Planning and Development
  •  Career Planning and Development Defined
  •  Factors Affecting Career Planning
  •  Career Paths
  •  Career Development
  •  Methods of Organization Career Planning and Development
7. Performance Appraisal
  •  Performance Appraisal Defined
  •  Uses of Performance Appraisal
  •  The Performance Appraisal Process
  •  Responsibility for Appraisal
  •  The Appraisal Period
  •  Performance Appraisal Methods
  •  Problems in Performance Appraisal
  •  Characteristics of an Effective Appraisal System
8. Compensation and Benefits
  •  Financial Compensation
  •  Compensation : an Overview
  •  Compensation Equity
  •  Job Pricing
9. Benefits and Other Compensation Issues
  •  Benefits (Indirect Financial Compensation)
  •  Incentive Compensation
  •  Compensation for Managers
  •  Compensation Professionals
  •  Sales Compensation
  •  Nonfinancial Compensation
  •  Employee and Labor Relations
10. Internal Employee Relations
  •  Internal Employee Relations Defined
  •  Disciplinary Action
  •  The Disciplinary Action Process
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