There are few things more important to the organization you work for, or to your career, than to hire strong, capable people. Good people are the bones and muscle of any organization, including your department or group. Hire well, and your job becomes easier. Yet there are few things more difficult to do than hire well. It takes skill, experience, and a system.
People are not objective. You think you’re hiring skills and experience, and maybe you are. But you’re also hiring attitude, beliefs, values, and personality.

1. Plan Your Hiring Strategy

  •  Take the Time to Hire right
  •  Asses Your Workplace
  •  Asses the Job
  •  Stay Within the Law
2. Find and Screen Candidates
  •  Find Great Candidates
  •  Screen Candidates
3. Interview, Asses and Choose
  •  Asses Yourself
  •  Create an Interview Strategy
  •  Interview (and Assess)
  •  Check References
  •  Choose and Make an Offer
Any kind of position that they task dealing with recruitment and selection processes

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

One Day