Why are good presentation skills more important than ever? The business world is changing. Teamwork is in vogue, companies are “flattening” out as traditional hierarchies disappear, and partnerships and alliances with organizations outside your own are becoming more common. Even senior managers have less opportunity to “command and control” a body of troops – yet they have more responsibility than ever to motivate people to act in line with the organization’s strategies and values.
Good speaking skills can be learned. As Dale Carnegie often said, “No one is a born speaker”. To learn, you need this seminar.

1. Organizing and Preparing Your Talk
  •  Before You Begin
  •  Organizing Your Thoughts
  •  Fleshing Out Your Presentation
  •  Rehearsing
2. Increase Your Impact on the Audience
  •  Controlling Your Nerves
  •  Creating a Strong Impact
  •  Using Visual Aids Effectively
3. Special Speaking Situations
  •  Handling Questions and Answer
  •  Handling Difficult Situations with Aplomb

Any kind of position that they task dealing with internal or external presentation such as
Executive Secretary, Public Relation, Industrial Relation, Investor relation, etc.

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

One Day