Getting organized is about more than just managing time. It’s about identifying the things that matter to you and then organizing your life so you attend to them. Whether it’s a big project at work, volunteer activities, or getting that promotion. This seminar explain a few tools and techniques to ensure you for spending your time effectively-on the things that make a big difference to you and others around you.

1. The Fundamentals of Getting Organized

  •  Banish Mental Clutter
  •  Simplify, Simplify
2. Organized to Save Time
  •  Three Basic Tools For Getting Organized
  •  Control the Paper In Your Life
  •  Organized Your Work
  •  Refresh Your Mind
3. Eliminate Time-Wasters
  •  Defang the Deadliest Time-Wasters
4. Leverage Yourself
  •  Delegate
  •  Plan and Lead Effective Meetings
  •  Communication Skill
  •  Use ‘Personal Agents”
Any kind of position that they want to improve their soft skill in this area

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

One Day