Benefits of programs :
  • Increased understanding and skills development of the sales people in the consultative approach to selling, to achieve even greater sales results
  • Ability to overcome the various obstacles that lead to a sale
  • Improvement in the ability to overcome the various obstacles that lead to a sale
  • Improvement in the ability to accurately identify and understand the customer’s requirement in order to increase business opportunities
  • Better trust, credibility and rapport with customers from their long-term loyalty and support of your company
  • Increased level of proffessionalism for improved personal effectiveness in their work and sales ability
  • Better understanding of the customers and what motivates them to buy, maximizing their selling opportunities
  • Creative problem-solving ability in order to provide correct solutions for customer’s wants and needs


1. Define, Accept, Present, Accept Method of Selling
The core concepts of motivating and obtaining the commitment of the customers are reviewed and the criteria for an effective sales visit are defined to determined the communications and selling skills required

2. The Information Stage – Defining Need
Developing the probing skills necessary to establish a clear understanding of your customer’s requirements. Also involves building a question bank to uncover recognized, current and future needs. Emphasis is also make on listening skills and the value of nonverbal communications

3. Argumentation Stage-Presenting Solution
How should we present our proposal? Techniques or analyzing any sales comprehensively so that it can be related exactly to customer’s requirements

4. The Commitment Stage-Obtaining Action
How to get commitment from the customer whether it is for an order on the next step in the sales process

5. Handling Objections
How do objections arise and how do we normally react to them? How should we react. Methods to counter objections including price handling


Sales-force people

Self Assessment, Case Story / Group Interaction

Two Days